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Work & Earn online. Sign up Free.

Jobvir Team 5th May 2022

Sign up Free & get 5 free jobs/bids.

Jobvir is an online virtual Jobs marketplace that connects workers and employers and provides them with a workspace to collaborate and safely pay or get paid in bitcoin.

It’s Free to sign up and use with no monthly fees.

Some of the Benefits:

  • On-Demand Virtual Services Marketplace
  • Free to Sign up and use, no monthly costs.
  • Safely procure or provide digital services, work together and pay or get paid.
  • Fees are escrowed and success based – no risk for Hirers or Providers.
  • Hirers only pay the amount negotiated with Freelancers/Virtual Providers (VPs).
  • Freelancers only pay a referral fee when they earn.
  • Referral fee between 1,95% and 6% (depending on profile level)
  • 500mb Free Workspace. Easily buy more if you need.
  • Use Jobvir to find jobs or talent, work together and get the job done.
  • Easily upscale services when you need to for minimal costs.
  • One on one – direct working between Hirers and VP’s
  • No agency or middle men.
  • Quick and Easy to find Projects or Providers.
  • Build a reputation for future partnerships.
  • Operating in Crypto makes global transactions easy and keeps fees low.
  • Bids quoted in Dollars until payment to minimize effect of crypto value fluctuations

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