Using Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin on Jobvir

Using Bitcoin is an easy and secure way to do transfers across the globe quickly and safely. On Jobvir, prices are quoted in US Dollars as a reference point, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin.

Once a Dollar price has been agreed upon between Employer and Service Provider, and the employer chooses to accept the bid, the employer will make a payment in Bitcoin at the market rate of USD to BTC at that time. That is what the Service Provider will earn (minus referral fee commission).

As a Freelancer you don’t need a Bitcoin wallet to start using Jobvir. You only need to set one up once you start earning and want to withdraw.

A Bitcoin or crypto wallet is easy to set up and there are loads of trusted wallet services such as: Coinbase, Luno, Bitpay, etc.

Why Bitcoin.

Bitcoin allows easy payments anywhere in the world with much lower transaction fees and red tape.

Think of it more as a ‘digital gold’ than a traditional fiat currency such as Dollars. If you owned gold as an investment you’d convert portions of it into dollars to spend as you needed it.