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The Future of Work

Jobvir Team 4th November 2018

As a species, we are undergoing fundamental changes unlike any our race has seen in the history of its existence. Technology has altered the way we live at such a rapid pace that we have not had the generational spaces to catch up and adjust to changes physiologically.

Part of these changes include the way we work and how technology is doing a lot of the work for us that used to be done by humans. One way to look at it would be to ask if we had to suddenly start the work environment today, with the technology we have available instead of the behaviours that have been programmed into us over the last few hundred years, how would the work system look?

It definitely wouldn’t include a 9 to 5 cut off or a work – home commute. It would also reward those who worked harder with more. Slackers in the office environment would struggle in a system where solid work begets rewards. Working remotely in the times that suit the individual would get more done in less time. Work could be done from anywhere. Skills would create demand for good workers allowing them to earn more instead of a base salary, often at their expense.

Unfortunately we’ve been indoctrinated into fearing the unknown, to get less in the form of a paycheck for the benefit of security. Plus, it works better for big business to control their employees and keep them on a tight leash. For the slackers the work environment is ideal, getting away with doing the least for the most amount of payment, but never really going anywhere.

Slowly, it will become a choice, employees will become half employees, dedicating much of their time to ‘freelance’ or ‘virtual employee’ services like, where they can build up a reputation and then become a full time ‘virtual employee’ and calling their own shots.

It’s inevitable. It may take some time, but when the “robots come”, people are going to scatter trying to keep the antiquated systems in place, but it will be too late.

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    The Robots are coming 😉