Set Up Payment Processing

Want to take bitcoin payments on your website?

You can connect to the Jobvir payment server and have payments go directly into your Bitcoin wallet.

Find out more HERE or follow the below steps to connect.

You can set up and start taking payments within 5 minutes in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Go to the My Profile section in your main menu and scroll down to ‘Payment Processing’.

Step 2. Click on ‘Set Up’ and fill in your shop details. (You will be asked to enter your Jobvir password for security when editing these details).

The Site URL is the website of you give customers to visit your website, E.g. Make sure it has the https:// in front of the www.

The Store name is the name of your shop you want to appear on the checkout window.

The webhook secret is a secret word of your own choosing to confirm payments coming from Jobvir.

Step 3. Once you save these details you will be redirected to connect your wallet. If you are not redirected or want to continue later, you can always connect to your wallet by clicking on the ‘View Settings’ link (which will display your payment settings) and clicking on ‘Connect Wallet’.

Step 4. Sellect Xpub…

…then enter the Xpub key of your wallet. (You can get this information from your wallet provider. Please make sure to use a wallet with a adjustable gap-limit. For more info see here.)

Step 5. Download the plugin for WooCommerce HERE and activate it. Then use the settings you’ll find under the ‘View Settings’ Button on Jobvir to fill in the details on the WooCommerce plugin.

Switching processing on or off

Your first month is free, if you cancel before the end of the month you will not be billed. You can restart payment processing anytime simply by switching it on. After this you will be billed on a monthly basis and invoices need to be paid in full to keep using the service.

Gap limit issue
The majority of third party wallets are light wallets, which share a node between many users. To prevent performance issues, both light and full node reliant wallets limit the amount (typically 20) of addresses without balance that they track on the blockchain. The Jobvir Server generates a new address for every invoice.

With above in mind, after the Jobvir Server generates 20 consecutive unpaid invoices, the external wallet stops fetching the transactions, assuming no new transactions occurred. Once 21st, 22nd, etc. invoices are paid, your external wallet won’t show them.

If this happens, you’ll need to Increase the gap limit in your existing (external) wallet or recover your existing wallet into a wallet that allows you to increase the gap limit.