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Financial Manager | Real Estate

Rihad 18th August 2018

✔Accomplished and formed partnerships by closing an emerging housing and apartments development project
✔Delivered timely and accurate monthly financial and management accounts
✔Accelerated corporate compliance, operational risks and control processes, by emphasising accountability and profitable improvement efficiencies
✔Devised relevant internal controls to ensure the integrity of operations, financial and accounting practices
✔Evaluated risk factors that could adversely affect the business and implemented procedures to mitigate identified risks and disclose risk information to relevant internal and external stakeholders
✔Translated strategy into tactical plans by formulating specific performance measures and control systems to increase efficiency for all departments
✔Formulated qualitative risk status reports using business intelligence along with analysis of data & trends achieving 90% accuracy thereof
✔Spearheaded an initiative to boost client interest by campaigning brand awareness and service offerings resulting in 80% growth in new property listings
✔Created an innovative database using salesforce, resulting in a 90% reduction in response time for processing of client queries