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How do I post a project?

Jobvir Team 23rd February 2018

You get a minimum of 5 FREE projects each month depending on your profile level. Each project will be displayed for 15 days. These are non-cumulative. Once you’ve used these up you can purchase more. You will be given the option of which package you want to use when you post a project.

On Jobvir, prices are quoted in US Dollars as a reference point, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin.

Once a dollar price has been agreed upon between Employer and Service Provider, and the employer chooses to accept the bid, the employer will make a payment in Bitcoin at the market rate of USD to BTC at that time. That is what the Service Provider will earn (minus referral fee commission).

Each project requires the following information:

Category: Choose the most appropriate category.

Project Title: Give the Project a descriptive title to easily appear in searches.

Description: Give an in-depth breakdown of what you require.

Attachments: Supply any supporting documentation for your project. Remember this will be publicly available. (A maximum of 5 with a maximum size of 20mb each).

Skills:  What skills do you expect the Virtual Employee to have.

Project Budget:  What is the budget for your project to give Virtual Employees an idea of the scope and remuneration to be expected.

Location:  if the project requires location specific VE.

Milestone: If you want to track the process of large projects, you can use the milestone feature to track specific waypoints to measure the projects progress. Type in a milestone and hit enter to save it and create the next milestone text box.

Once you’ve posted a project, prospective employees can bid on the project, offering a price and timeline for its completion.

You can also search for VE’s and invite them to bid on one of your projects by clicking on the ‘Invite Me’ button. You can then select which projects you want to invite them to and then click ‘Invite’. If they accept you’ll be notified in your notifications feed.

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