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How do I pay virtual employees?

Jobvir Team 23rd February 2018

Once you accept a bid you need to pay the amount of the bid upon acceptance. Budgets and bids are quoted in US Dollars for reference, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated). Once you accept a bid for the US Dollar amount, you’ll need to make a payment, in Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated), for the equivalent US Dollar amount at the exchange rate at that time. After the transaction, all amounts pertaining to that project will be quoted in the bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated) amount paid.

Once you’ve accepted and paid, this notifies the bidder and you can then move into the Workspace to liaise with the employee.

This winning bid amount is then held by Jobvir for the security of both virtual employee and employer . Only once you have marked your project as complete, will funds be released to the Virtual Employee.


Should an Employer or a Freelancer at any time decide to cancel an accepted bid project the project will move into a disputed phase whereby Jobvir will investigate and make a decision on which party wins the dispute (See ‘Disputes Resolution’).

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