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How do I bid on a project?

Jobvir Team 23rd February 2018

You get a maximum of up to 5 non-cumulative free bids a month (Some promotions will allow you to earn more monthly bids) . If you use these up, you‘ll be able to purchase more. You’ll be notified of this whenever you bid on a project and your bids have run out.

On Jobvir, prices are quoted in US Dollars as a reference point, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin.

Once a dollar price has been agreed upon between Buyer and Service Seller, and the buyer chooses to accept the bid, the buyer will make a payment in Bitcoin at the exchange rate of USD to BTC at that time. That is what the Service Seller will earn (minus referral fee commission).

If you find a project you can fulfil, click the bid button. You’ll need to make the buyer an offer for a price and how long it will take you to complete the project. Be realistic, as undercutting your fellow bidders, only to create delays or not get proper remuneration for your work will ultimately work against you in ratings and future work with the same buyer.

You can also make any comments or pose any questions to the buyer in your bid application. The buyer will then be able to contact and discuss these with you before accepting your bid.

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