How Jobvir Works

How Jobvir Works

Jobvir brings together great talent and great ambition ! It allows ideal combinations of employers and employees to find each other to complete a job with great results.

Employers can post their project requirements along with their budget and expectations.

Virtual Employees (or freelancers) can make the employer an offer for their services and get paid.

Project budgets and bids are quoted in US Dollars for reference but transactions are performed in Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. All balances are also held and paid out in Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated). This means lower fees, easier payments and less hassles such as taxes, inter-border currency conversions and cross global transactions.

Jobvir facilitates the process, making sure employees get paid and employers get the job done by taking payment from the employer and holding it until the work is complete, after which we take a finding fee (as a percentage of the accepted bid) and release the funds to the employee.

View the Employer Quicsktart Tutorial

View the Employee/Freelancer Quicsktart Tutorial