How Jobvir Works

Jobvir is a virtual services workspace that transacts in crypto.

It’s Free to sign up and use with no monthly fees.

Jobvir allows people to safely procure or provide digital services, work together and pay or get paid.

Hirers only pay the amount negotiated with Virtual Providers (VPs).

Freelancers (VP’s) pay a referral fee on earnings, between 3,95% and 7% (depending on profile level).

It’s the ideal platform for Writers, Designers and any other digital service providers to provide their services to clients around the world.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Free to Sign up and use, no monthly costs.
  • Referral fee for Freelancers/Virtual Provider’s, between 3,95% and 7% (depending on profile level)
  • Use jobvir to find jobs or talent, work together and get the job done
  • Easily upscale services when you need to for minimal costs
  • One on one – direct working between Hirers and VP’s
  • No agency or middle men
  • Quick and Easy to find Projects or Providers
  • Fees are escrowed and success based – no risk for Hirers or Providers
  • Build a reputation for future partnerships
  • Working in Crypto makes global transactions easy and keeps fees low
  • Bids quoted in Dollars until payment to minimise effect of crypto value fluctuations.
  • No obligation to use the Jobvir platform (but then you won’t enjoy the protection the platform provides)

Virtual Providers / Freelancers

Free and Easy to sign up and get started immediately.

Criteria based Search for Projects posted by Hirers looking for services requiring your skills.

Bid on posted projects and negotiate with Hirers.

You only pay a referral fee when you earn, between 3,95% and 7% (depending on profile level).

Sign up and create a professional profile and portfolio to showcase your skills for Hirers to find.

Once a Hirer accepts your bid they pay before commencement of the project with them. We hold the funds for safety, meaning no chance of a ‘non payer’.

On satisfactorily successful completion of the project, funds are released to you.

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Hirers / Employers

Free and Easy to sign up and get started immediately.

No fees, You only pay the amount you negotiate with the Virtual Provider who then pays a small commission on their earnings.

Search with various criteria to easily find the right hires and quality of skills.

Track jobs and performance and keep service supplier contacts in one place.

Negotiate with providers before settling on a price.

Find and invite your ideal Providers to work on your projects (No need to wait for bids or waste time with providers that don’t fit your criteria).

Funds are held for safekeeping, meaning providers only get paid when you’re happy. *You get your money back if something goes wrong. (*Outcome dependent on arbitration)

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Why Jobvir?
Jobvir brings together great talent and great ambition regardless of their location. It allows ideal combinations of Hirers and Freelancers or Virtual Service Providers to find each other to complete a job remotely with great results.

The new era of work allows employees to choose what they work on and how often and what they get paid. For employers, it allows flexibility in finding the right talent for each individual job and only for the jobs required. It allows for improved efficiency and time management as well as more self determination for everyone involved.