Seller Help

Getting Started


Once you have signed up you’ll need to complete your profile basics. This will help prospective Buyers make an educated decision on whether to use your services or not.

Finding Projects

You can find projects by using the search function, by tapping/clicking on the ‘Projects’ menu item or by getting invited by Buyers.


You get 5 non cumulative free bids a month (You may earn more by way of promotional events). If you use these up, you‘ll be able to purchase more. You’ll be notified of this whenever you bid on a project and your bids have run out.

If you find a project you can fulfil, click the bid button. You’ll need to make the Buyer an offer for a price in USD($) and how long it will take you to complete the project. Be realistic as undercutting your fellow bidders only to create delays or not get proper remuneration for your work will ultimately work against you in ratings and future work with the same Buyer.

You can also make any comments or pose any questions to the Buyer in your bid application. The Buyer will then be able to contact and discuss these with you before accepting your bid.

Messaging a Buyer

Any communication from prospective Buyers will appear in your notifications feed, informing you that the Buyer sent you a private message. Click on it to open the private chat area. You can also access the message area via the ‘Inbox’ link in your account dropdown menu.

Getting invited to bid:

If a Buyer finds you in a search, is aware of you from previous projects or you’ve sent them your profile link (available in your profile section), they can invite you to bid on their project. This will appear in your notifications feed. Click on the notification to be taken to the respective project page.


Once you’ve bid on a project and the Buyer has accepted it, you’ll be notified in your notification feed (the bell at the top right). You can then open  the projects’ workspace, which will be your virtual office, where you can chat and share files with the Buyer. Once the Buyer is happy with the final product they will ‘complete’ the project and you, the Service Seller, gets paid.

You can chat and send files via the message section. You can also upload completed files via the workbench section, which the Buyer can lock while reviewing so that no further files can be edited or uploaded until they are done reviewing the files.

If for some reason you decide to not continue with the project, you can cancel it by clicking the Discontinue button. The dispute will then have to be resolved by Jobvir. You will need to provide a reason and breakdown for the cancellation.

Once the project is completed, click on the notification you’ll receive of it’s completion to get the opportunity to rate your Buyer.


The Buyer may put up certain milestones for the project. These will serve as progress measurements for the project and as each one is reached, the Buyer can then mark these as complete. This helps to keep projects on track and keep track of at what stage of completion they are at.


‘My projects’ is projects you have bid on, are working on or have worked on

Current Tab – all projects you have bid on or are working on, the Status’ are as follows:

Active: – Projects you have bid on but your bid has not been accepted and it’s still accepting bids.

Processing:  The bid was accepted and you are currently working on this project.

Previous Tab – all projects you have previously completed.

“Purchase more bids” button – Tiered packages to buy purchase more bids or storage space.

NOTE: (Bitcoin transactions sometimes take longer than traditional payments to process, which is normal. Do not make the transaction twice, once you’ve purchased your package, wait until your Bitcoin transfer is complete. Any successful transactions will be captured by the system in the background even if the payment page is no longer open.) Be sure to use the correct receiving address and amount, erroneous Bitcoin transactions cannot be retrieved or refunded.

‘Projects’ lets you search for available projects.

 Payments and Withdrawals

Buyer’s who decide to accept your bid will pay your bid amount. Once a Buyer accepts your bid they will pay the US Dollar equivalent, at the exchange rate at that time, in Bitcoin. Budgets and bids are quoted in US Dollars for reference, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin. After the transaction, all amounts pertaining to that project will be quoted in the bitcoin amount paid.

Once the bid has been accepted you can then move into the Workspace to liaise with the Buyer.

If you are awarded a project, we charge you a project fee relative to the value of the selected bid, as an introduction fee, of 2,75% of the accepted bid amount to cover costs. This comes off the amount the Buyer pays when they accept the bid.

This winning bid amount is held by Jobvir for the security of both Service Seller and Buyer.

Once a job has been marked as completed by the Buyer, you will receive the Bitcoin bid amount, minus Jobvir’s commission, in your Jobvir balance (see Fees and Charges).

You can then request to withdraw all, or a portion of this amount (with a minimum of BTC0.005) via your crypto/bitcoin wallet.

We charge an admin and network transfer fee equal to the average bitcoin network fee at the time of transfer or minimum fee of $1.75 to transfer your withdrawal Bitcoin amount to a crypto wallet of your choosing. Withdrawals may take up to 7 days to process. A Fastrack option is available for a fee. There may be additional fees levied by your wallet provider or the crypto currency transactions exchange itself.

We impose a minimum withdrawal, after fees, of BTC 0.005.

*We reserve the right to alter the network fee charge in cases of extreme  BTC volatility.


Should a Buyer or a Service Seller at any time decide to cancel an accepted bid project the project will move into a disputed phase whereby Jobvir will investigate and make a decision on which party wins the dispute (See ‘Disputes Resolution’).

If a Service Seller wins a dispute they will receive the paid bitcoin bid amount (minus any fees) paid by the Buyer. However, should a Service Seller lose a dispute, the Buyer’s Bitcoin payment will be refunded to the Buyer in Bitcoin and the Service Seller will be liable for the deducted referral fee amount to cover arbitration costs.


This section gives you ‘balance’ and ‘transaction’ tabs.

Balances Tab:

Available  is the total credit you have minus any current projects that are currently locked for bidding.

Working Project is the total of current projects locked for bidding. The amount for each project will be paid to you once the projects are complete. Should there be a dispute and the ruling is in your favor, you will receive the amount that was bid for the project back in your available credit.

Pending withdrawal is any amount you have requested to be paid out to you. (This is the bid amount that the employer accepted in your bid for the project minus Jobvir’s referral fee percentage and your chosen gateways transaction fees if any).

Total Credit is the total credit you have, including amounts that are currently locked for bidding.

Credit Withdrawal

Request a withdrawal of available funds.

Transactions Tab:

Gives you a searchable breakdown of all previous transactions.


This is your inbox where employees can contact you should they want more information or to discuss specific projects.