Hirer / Buyer Help

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be able to post your projects and look for prospective Virtual Service Providers (VPs).


The projects dropdown gives you the option to ‘view all projects posted’ or to ‘post a project’.

Posting a Project

Under the ‘post a project’ tab, you’ll get a Project Details form and an ‘Add more’ button:

Add more button:

Use this button to change your project package or purchase a different package. You can also purchase more storage space.

Posting Details:

You receive a minimum of 5 Free, non cumulative, project posts a month, depending on your profile level. Once you’ve used these up you can purchase more. You will be given the option of which package you want to use when you post a project.

Each project requires the following information:

Category: Choose the most appropriate category.

Project Title: Give the Project a descriptive title to easily appear in searches.

Description: Give an in-depth breakdown of what you require.

Attachments: Supply any supporting documentation for your project. Remember this will be publicly available. (A maximum of 5 with a maximum size of 20mb each).

Skills:  What skills do you expect the Virtual Provider to have.

Project Budget:  What is the budget for your project to give Virtual Providers an idea of the scope and remuneration to be expected.

Location:  if the project requires location specific Freelancer or Virtual Provider.

Milestone: If you want to track the process of large projects, you can use the milestone feature to track specific waypoints to measure the projects progress. Type in a milestone and hit enter to save it and create the next milestone text box.

You are able to edit your project as many times as necessary until it gets a bid on it, after which no more edits are allowed. This is for security so project specifications cannot be changed once a Virtual Provider has put in a bid amount.

Once you’ve posted a project, prospective Virtual Providers can bid on the project, offering a price and timeline for its completion.

You can also search for Virtual Providers and invite them to bid on one of your projects by clicking on the ‘Invite Me’ button. You can then select which projects you want to invite them to and then click ‘Invite’. If they accept you’ll be notified in your notifications feed.

Under the ‘all projects posted’ tab, you’ll get a list of all your projects with two tab options:

  • Current – Projects not completed
  • Previous – Projects completed

Their status’ mean as follows:

Active: Live and receiving bids but no bid accepted so far

Processing: Bid accepted and the project is being worked on

Archive: The bid has passed its valid timeframe and is no longer live and no longer available for bids.

You can do the following with each:

Archive projects can be renewed to receive bids again or be deleted.

Active projects can be archived and will no longer be live and no longer be available for bids.

Processing: You can access the workspace on these bids.

Receiving Bids

Once a prospective Freelancer/Virtual Provider has bid on your project, you will be notified in your notification feed (the bell at top right), you will see the bids listed underneath the project on the project page, along with the amount, duration and any notes the Virtual Provider has about the project.

You can also click on the bidder to view their profile.

Messaging a Freelancer / Virtual Employee

If you’d like to discuss the project more with any of the Freelancer/Virtual Providers before accepting the bid, you can ‘contact’ them by clicking on the ‘Contact’ button. Type your message and the bidder will receive it. If they reply, you’ll get a notification in your notifications feed. You can also access the message area via the ‘Inbox’ link in your account dropdown menu.

Accepting a bid

Once you accept a bid you need to pay the amount of the bid upon acceptance. Budgets and bids are quoted in US Dollars for reference, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated). Once you accept a bid for the US Dollar amount, you’ll need to make a payment, in Bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated), for the equivalent US Dollar amount at the exchange rate at that time. When you accept a bid you will receive the Bitcoin total and Bitcoin address in order to make a payment from your bitcoin wallet. After the transaction, all amounts pertaining to that project will be quoted in the bitcoin (or other crypto currencies where indicated) amount paid.

NOTE: (Bitcoin transactions sometimes take longer than traditional payments to process, which is normal. Do not accept a bid twice, once you’ve accepted a bid wait until your Bitcoin transfer is complete. Any successful transactions will be captured by the system in the background even if the payment page is no longer open.) Be sure to use the correct receiving address and amount, erroneous Bitcoin transactions cannot be retrieved or refunded.

Once you’ve accepted and paid, this notifies the bidder and you can then move into the Workspace to liaise with the Virtual Provider.

This winning bid amount is then held by Jobvir for the security of both Virtual Providers and Hirer. Only once you have marked your project as complete, will funds be released to the Virtual Provider.


Should a Hirer or a Virtual Provider at any time decide to cancel an accepted bid project the project will move into a disputed phase whereby Jobvir will investigate and make a decision on which party wins the dispute (See ‘Disputes Resolution’). Should a Hirer win the dispute, the Hirer’s initial project payment amount will be refunded. You can use your refund for another transaction on Jobvir or withdraw it. However, should a Hirer lose a dispute, then the VP or Freelancer will receive the agreed upon bid amount paid by the Hirer for the project.

There is a flat rate fee of the crypto equivalent of *$1.25 at the time of transfer to transfer your refunded Bitcoin amount to a crypto wallet of your choosing to cover network fees. Refunds may take up to 7 days to process. A Fastrack option is available for a fee. There may be additional fees levied by your wallet provider or the crypto currency transactions exchange itself.


Once you’ve accepted a Virtual Provider’s bid, your Workspace (accessible from the project page) will be your virtual office space. This is where you will interact with your Virtual Provider, check up on progress, communicate, swap files and ultimately complete the project.

If you added Milestones to your project, you will be able to mark these off as they are reached. This helps to keep projects on track and keep tabs on what stage of completion the project is at.

Your Virtual Provider can also send you project files in the workbench section. These can be locked by you so that no further edits can be made until you unlock them.

Once a project has been completed and you’re happy with the outcome, click on the ‘Finish/’Complete’ button. This completes the project and pays the Virtual Provider.

If you decide to cancel the project, click on the “Close” / “Cancel” button. The dispute will then have to be resolved by Jobvir. You will need to provide a reason and breakdown for the cancellation (See ‘Disputes’ above).

Once completed, you will be able to rate and review your VP. This is an important part of the process as it contributes to the VP’s work profile as well as your own as an employer. The VP will get the same opportunity to rate you. 


Gives you a searchable breakdown of all previous transactions.