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Work & Earn online. Sign up Free.

Jobvir Team 5th May 2022

Sign up Free & get 5 free jobs/bids. Jobvir is an online virtual Jobs marketplace that connects workers and employers and provides them with a workspace to collaborate and safely pay or get paid in bitcoin. It’s Free to sign up and use with no monthly fees. Some of the Benefits: On-Demand Virtual Services Marketplace […]

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Reduced Fees Launch Promo

Jobvir Team 16th December 2020

Normal commission is 5,5%. Sign up for Free now and get 4,9% permanently! Plus reduce it further down to 3,5% AND get an extra free bid or job post per month for every friend that signs up. More About the Offer: We’ve spent lockdown building a ‘remote services on demand’ job site that works on […]

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Start working for yourself & work online

Jobvir Team 5th April 2020

If you want to start a side hustle or are looking to escape, not only the rat race, but also the confines of a permanent job. If you’re looking for the flexibility to work hard but on your own schedule. If you want to build up something great that is a part of you and […]

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How covid-19 will change the workforce forever

Jobvir Team 26th March 2020

For  a long time now, employers have been toying with the idea of hiring skills on a ‘for need’ basis. Similarly, employees have been dreaming of setting their own hours and working for multiple projects they choose as freelancers. However, as individual movements in the workplace, they have transformed the way we work in a […]

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Once again, a future brought closer by a crisis

Jobvir Team 23rd March 2020

With the unprecedented Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) global crisis that is changing our society at the moment, anyone who thinks things will be back to normal ever again is sorely mistaken. Much like global repercussions have echoed through the world in the past, from 2001’s 9/11 and 2008’s economic crash, the world will be forced to […]

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The Future of Work

Jobvir Team 4th November 2018

As a species, we are undergoing fundamental changes unlike any our race has seen in the history of its existence. Technology has altered the way we live at such a rapid pace that we have not had the generational spaces to catch up and adjust to changes physiologically.