About Jobvir

Jobvir lets you safely pay and get paid privately in Bitcoin or take Bitcoin payments directly on your website.

Because Bitcoin transactions are irreversible and to a degree anonymous, there’s a risk of fraud when you pay someone.

In addition, because the blockchain is a public ledger, anyone can see what funds are in the wallet you transferred from (effectively seeing how much bitcoin/money you have). This is not a desirable scenario for most people.

To improve anonymity of transactions, it’s good practice to utilise mixing, which combines many transactions into a single wallet before making a payment to someone. This makes it harder to trace the transaction backward.

Jobvir solves all 3 of these issues by escrowing mixed payments and only releasing funds once both parties are happy.

With Jobvir you can find and connect with Buyers or Sellers for one-time or longer term projects, then collaborate in the workspace to safely exchange goods and services for payment in Bitcoin.

With Jobvir you can also take bitcoin payments directly on your website without ever leaving your site with our plugin.

It’s Free to sign up and use with no monthly fees. We only take a 2,75% referral fee from the Seller’s earnings on the platform and 1% for website payments processed through Jobvir.

Prices are quoted in US Dollars as a global reference point, but all transactions occur in Bitcoin.

Some of the Benefits:

  • Free to Sign up and use, no monthly costs.
  • Referral fee is just 2,75% of the accepted bid amount.
  • Safely procure or provide digital goods & services, work together and pay or get paid.
  • Fees are escrowed and success based – no risk for Buyers or Sellers.
  • Buyers only pay the amount negotiated with Service Sellers.
  • Service Sellers only pay a referral fee when they earn.
  • 500mb Free Workspace. Easily buy more if you need.
  • Use Jobvir to find buyers or services, and get the job done.
  • Easily upscale services when you need to for minimal costs.
  • One on one – direct working between Buyers and Sellers
  • No agency or middle men.
  • Project matching algorithm makes it quick and easy to find Buyers or Sellers.
  • Build a reputation for future partnerships.
  • Operating in Crypto makes global transactions easy and keeps fees low.
  • Bids quoted in Dollars until payment to minimize effect of crypto value fluctuations.

Service Sellers

Safely get paid in crypto for digital services or virtual goods.

Free and Easy to sign up and get started immediately.

Criteria based search for projects posted by Buyers looking for services requiring your skills.

Bid on posted projects and negotiate with Buyers.

5 Free Bids p/month for life. Easily purchase more if you need.

You only pay a referral fee of 2,75% of the accepted bid amount, which is deducted from the buyers payment when they pay. So you only pay when you earn.

Sign up and create a professional profile and portfolio to showcase your skills or goods for Buyers to find.

Once a Buyer accepts your bid, they pay before commencement of the project with them. We hold the funds for safety, meaning no chance of a ‘non payer’.

On satisfactorily successful completion of the project, funds are released to you, the seller.

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Safely pay in crypto for virtual goods or digital services.

Free and Easy to sign up and get started immediately.

Post projects or virtual goods requests for Sellers to find & fulfill.

5 Free projct postings per month for life. Easily purchase more if you need.

No fees, You only pay the amount you negotiate with the Service Seller who then pays a small commission on their earnings.

Search with various criteria to easily find the right services and quality of skills.

Track projects and performance and keep service supplier contacts in one place.

Negotiate with Service Sellers before settling on a price.

Find and invite your ideal Service Sellers to fulfill your projects (No need to wait for bids or waste time with sellers that don’t fit your criteria).

Funds are held for safekeeping, meaning sellers only get paid when you’re happy. *You get your money back if something goes wrong. (*Outcome dependent on arbitration)

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Managed and Brokered Services

Don’t have the time to manage various service providers to complete your project? 

We provide project management services saving you valuable time for a marginal project management surcharge. 

We’ll source and vet the required talent such as designers, copy writers, developers and marketers for your project, from Minimum Viable Products(MVPs) to Complex New Technology products, apps or sites like Physical Product Stores, Drop Shipping Sites, Affiliate Marketing Sites, Digital Product Sites and even Crypto Solutions.

We provide project management services for the most common projects like:

  • Web sites/shops
  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • General Marketing
  • Apps
  • Crypto
  • and others

Contact us today for a quote on your project.